Why Are We Different


we are quality driven, not quantity driven

  • Never re-uses old chemical or water
    Only uses gold standard dry-cleaning solvents
  • Pre-treats all garments before dry-cleaning using highest grade products
  • Utilizes state-of-art Italian dry clean machinery

Our business comes from your support, not through cut-backs that jeopardizes our quality.


With free pick up & delivery to your home, as well as free laundry bags & hook provided from our store, we are here to save your time from going to the cleaners!

  • Easy hassle-free end of the month billing
  • Separate packaging for men and women’s garment for your convenience; no more sorting clothes at the door!
  • Quality before quantity, we prevent unnecessary wrinkling during delivery by carefully placing and bagging your clothes


We use a state-of-the-art dry cleaning machine. Firbrimatic is the world leader in hydrocarbon, SolvonK4 and greenearth dry cleaning technologies. This Brand represents the top of the line dry cleaning machinery.

We always strive to enhance and update our machinery.  


Hello, we’re White Collar Dry Cleaners. My name is Lee, and my wife and I have been running this cleaner together as part of our American dream.

We take personal pride in the service we offer. That’s why our model is not price driven, it is quality driven. We have new machines and are always testing new methods to better our service. Our efforts were recognized when we were awarded “Best Dry Cleaners” by Gwinnett Magazine, Best of Gwinnett for six consecutive years.

We do not lump sum your garments. Unlike a “wholesale” factory cleaner, each garment at our store receives two-part individualized attention. This is especially important when it comes to female clothing. First, we clean your garment using our top-quality cleaning tailored to your piece. Second, we hand-press your garment while take note of the material and the construction of your garment to bring out the most flattering silhouette and style. Finally, we carefully sort and package your clothing by type to minimize on-the-road wrinkling and for your convenience.

We take our time to get to know you better. Our customers are more than just a number. We have been with them as they celebrate their wedding anniversary, when their daughters excitedly pick up their prom gowns, and be privileged to honor their family history with them as they entrust us with their late-father’s military uniform to be cleaned.

Here at White Collar, we are a community. We understand how important your garment is to you. We want you to succeed, and we hope to be there to help you achieve your goal.  

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Sungmoo Lee

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"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


Some Fun Facts

Shirts Cleaned Per Day
Shirts Delivered Per Day
Satisfied Clients
Winning Awards




- Shirt, hanger, per piece : From $2
- Shirt, folded & boxed, per piece : From $3.50
**Free Starch Option:
Light, Medium, Heavy, Extra heavy or No startch

Household Items

Household Items

- Bed Skirt, straight : $24
- Blanket : $24
- Down Comforter : $31 
- Duvet : $24
- Pillow Cases : $4.50
- Sheets : $21

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

- 2 Piece Suit : $10.25
- Pants : $4.75
- Blazer : $6.25
- Hand-press Shirts : $4.50
- Blouse : $4.50
- Skirt : $4.75
- Sweater : $4.75
- Vest : $4.50
- Dress : $10.50
- Coat : $12.50



- Pants Hem : $10
- Tear Repair : $6
- Pants Zippers Replace/Repair : $14
- Skirts Hem : $14
- Dress Hem : $18
- Pants/Skirt Waistline Alteration : $14
- Sleeves Shortening : $25

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

We offer free pick-up and delivery!

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Voted Best Of Gwinnett

Out of more than hundreds of dry cleaners located in Gwinnett, White Collar Dry Cleaner (Dacula Dry Cleaners) has been awarded Best Dry Cleaner by Best of Gwinnett magazine for 2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2015

and Now we have won year of 2016 !!!

We are very humble by this awards and We will try our best to bring you better service in 2017.

once again, Thank you !

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Are you one of our happy customers?

If yes, then you probably have told your friends about us.

It is natural, we all do it when we come across something we love. In which case we never care about if we make money or get some other benefit from sharing. We are just inspired and want our friends to experience the same joy and great feeling we experienced. Because we really appreciate that referral from you, we want to give something back in return !

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How Can I Prevent Stains?

Yellow underarm stains on a white shirt are never a welcome sight – and here’s the kicker – those same stains are also lurking on colored shirts as well, just not as visible. First, a quick primer on what causes those stains; how to prevent them and how to remove the yellow stains

How does this happen to me?

Underarm stains are caused by the reaction between anti-perspirant ingredients and the salts in your sweat. Most anti-perspirants contain aluminum compounds to reduce wetness. It is the aluminum that causes the build-up and yellowing on fabrics. The stains don’t appear overnight, but without proper washing of shirts, may happen after continuous wear.

How can I prevent stains?

Wear an undershirt to help protect your more expensive outer shirt. However, if an extra layer is just not possible, try switching to an aluminum-free deodorant. Read the labels and you’ll find that anti-perspirants have varying levels of aluminum compounds. Choose a brand with the lowest aluminum content that still provides the protection you need.

After applying deodorant, allow it to dry before dressing to prevent rub-off on fabrics. If you don’t have time to wait, a couple of blasts of air from a hair dryer will do the trick.

If you have perspired while wearing a garment, wash or dry clean it as soon as possible. Stains are much harder to remove once they become set in. Keep a spray bottle of undiluted white distilled vinegar handy and spray the underarm areas before washing. The vinegar will help cut through any deodorant residue and reduce odor.

If you notice the beginnings of yellow stains, stop tossing the shirt in the dryer until you can treat the stain. The heat can set in residual stains making them almost impossible to remove. Dry shirts in the sun to increase whitening of fabrics and if that’s not possible, air dry indoors.

 I understand from my personal exp, I also Encouter this stains many times with our customer’s garments

and yes most of people use, myself, use deodorant products

but this is what I found out, somehow spray deodorant is less complicated to remove than a actual regualr gel or stick type deodorant maybe you want to think about switch over if this stains bothers you?

because deodorant is deodorant after all, there are no really female and male deodorant just my 2cents

Cheap Dry cleaners VS Premium Dry Cleaners

Many of our or potential Customer do think about why Premium or Great , good Dry Cleaners are expensive than other so called value, cheap, discount dry cleaners.

very first thing to see the diffrence in these two type of cleaners are the price ! ! !

Dry cleaning doesn’t have to be expensive! By shopping around and asking a few key questions, you can find a cleaner in your area that is offering the best value.

Dry cleaning prices are very “elastic”. In most major metro areas, you can find an extremely wide range of prices being charged for dry cleaning. I’ve seen ranges as wide as $1.99 to $24.99 being charged to clean the same garment. Why such a big difference in price? Because, not all dry cleaning is the same. Dry cleaning is very “labor intensive”, so the majority of the production cost is directly attributed to the labor expense. So, along with the prices, you will also find an extremely wide range in the level of quality and service being provided from cleaner to cleaner.

So, before you race off looking for the cheapest cleaner in town, don’t forget the old adage “you get what you pay for”. Keep in mind, there are countless ways to cut corners in a dry cleaning business and, in order to make a profit, the lower priced cleaners are forced to cut a lot of corners. At these “discount” cleaners, they may be using dirty solvent or not adding detergent to it. So, the dirt, grime, and nasty from other people’s clothes may transfer to your clothes. They may not attempt to remove stains by hand. If a stain doesn’t come out in the machine, they’ll just slap a “sorry” tag on it. You can usually forget about getting a button replaced or any other minor repair work done complimentary. They won’t have time for that kind of service. They sometimes don’t even press your clothes. They use “steam tunnels” instead of presses. The effect is similar to hanging your clothes in the bathroom while you shower. Some of the wrinkles may fall out, but its a far cry from professional pressing. They most likely won’t use any “sizing”. Sizing is an expensive additive that does for your clothes what conditioner does for your hair. They’ll probably skip the deodorant additive and the anti-static chemicals as well. So, your clothes may come back with a funky chemical smell or be covered in lint.

 On the other hand, there is absolutely no reason to over pay for dry cleaning. The best value for your dry cleaning dollar can usually be found near the “middle range” in price. The cleaners charging average prices are often providing “full service” at a reasonable price. As you shop around, you should interview the cleaners you try. Here are a few bold questions to ask them. A good cleaner, worthy of your patronage, will not be insulted by these questions and they should be able to answer them.

  • I’m shopping for a “full service” cleaner. Could you please walk me through the basic steps that you will be taking with my clothes?

  • Does your spotter work on stains before and after they go into the machine?

  • Do you replace missing buttons and do minor repair work without being asked?

  • Do you have an inspector who checks the quality before the clothes are packaged?

  • If I’m not happy with the way my clothes come back, will you reprocess them free of charge?

  • Do you offer free pick-up and delivery service to my home or office?

When striking a balance between price and service, don’t forget to consider the substantial savings and benefits you get from free delivery service. Having your clothes delivered will save you the time, the hassle and the gas of going to the cleaner yourself. In addition to full service cleaning, a good cleaner should provide twice a week delivery service, require no minimum order, and offer monthly billing, all at average prices. The best thing about free delivery is always having a closet full of clean clothes. Once you get in the habit of sending in a small order once or twice a week, you’ll never run out of clean clothes again!

How to prevent moth damage

I found this article to let you guys know why and what it is…
How to prevent Moth Damage

 Shed Light on The Mysteries of Moths (and Moth damage)

by Everett Childers , an industry consultant and the author of the Master Drycleaners Notebook.

Every year at about this time, drycleaners start getting complaints from customers about little holes in their garments that weren’t there when they brought them in for cleaning.

This phenomenon has been going on as long as there have been retail drycleaners. First, the customer brings in woolen or silk garments from last year’s wearing and when they pick them up before the big party, they notice the little holes. They didn’t see them before taking the garments to the cleaners; therefore, the cleaner must have snagged the clothes and tried to cover it up by not mentioning anything.

But it isn’t the drycleaner’s fault; it is the fault of fabric’s oldest enemy, the moth. Moths damage protein fibers that have been left undisturbed for a long time. The most damage can be seen on items which have been stored with food and body odors like sweaters and other wool garmentsas well as old wool military uniforms or suits that have been stored for quite a while. Damage seen on currently worn garments comes from wearing them and putting them away for the season without having them cleaned.

Many of the little holes will appear in the armpit, front or lap areas of a garment. The damage is usually confined to wools, silks, hair fibers or furs—all protein fibers. Moths can also cause heavy damage to piano felts and wool carpeting, generally in areas that rarely get vacuumed or cleaned.

Two kinds of moths are largely responsible for damage to the textiles: the webbing clothes moth and the case making clothes moth. Both are pale yellow or straw-colored, and can be mistaken for the Indian meal moth, which lays eggs in flour and cornmeal.

Clothes moths are difficult to find because they avoid light, doing their worst at night, in dark closets and in storage chests. They really don’t like brightly-lit dry-cleaning plants. It’s the larvae that do the damage, though, and female moths can lay up to 300 eggs at a time. Eggs hatch in 6 to 20 days, depending on the temperature.

Many drycleaners used to offer free mothproofing in the spring to entice customers to bring in garments they wouldn’t wear for another eight or nine months. After spotting, garments were cleaned in solvent with an added mothproofing agent. This stayed in the garments, preventing moths from doing any damage. Companies selling mothproofing chemicals would often guarantee to pay for any damage done by moths to treated garments.

It’s difficult to offer this service today, due to governmental restrictions on mothproofing chemicals. Repellent is sometimes applied during textile manufacture, and there is a product on the market that repels moths, but must be reapplied periodically.

Cedar closets and cedar blocks smell wonderful, but cedar oil vapor only kills young larvae, not the mature moths, and cedar-lined closets only have a useful life of about three years. Freezing is an effective way to kill both moths and larvae. And liquid dry-cleaning solvents kill moths and larvae during the immersion process, but won’t keep them away long-term. Clothes moths find their way into the smallest as well as the largest homes.

What about mothballs? A mothball is not a repellent, but an exterminator. As mothballs evaporate, they produce fumes that slowly kill insects. In order for them to be effective, the storage space needs to be airtight so that the chemical can reach high enough concentration to act as a fumigant.

Now you know more about moths than you ever thought you would, and knowing these facts can save you money.

Look ! the New Machines

At White Collar Dry Cleaners we are proud to use Firbimatic dry-cleaning machines made and assembled in Italy. Firbrimatic is the world leader in hydrocarbon, SolvonK4 and greenearth dry cleaning technologies. This Brand represents top of the line dry cleaning machinery. As cleaner owner, I believe in investing and constantly researching new ways to increase the quality of our product. As such, choosing a gold-standard machine was a must. Along with the new machinery, we also replaced our detergents and chemicals to assure that the machines would perform their best. At White Collar Dry Cleaners, we are just more than a money making operation. We take pride in the work we present with friendly service and quality you deserve!




Originally, White Collar Dry Cleaners used a generic garment cover with our logo. However, after witnessing the suffering of our dear customers and friends who were diagnosed with breast cancer, we decided to contribute to the Susan G. Komen Foundation by using the unique pink breast cancer awareness garment cover and laundry bag. We hope that our little effort can be used to find the cure to this horrible disease one day. “Be strong and let your heart take courage, All you who hope in the LORD.” Psalm 31:24.



We give out a “one free comforter cleaning coupon” to any customers who refer us.


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